16 7 / 2014

Mextures - make your own Instagram style filters.

Material Design - Principles of good design with the innovation, technology and science by Google.

Cardboard - a basic VR headset by google.

Retail in Real-Time - a glimpse of how and where the US spends its cash.

The Internet in real-time

Ikeahow the world wakes up.

Niice‘A search engine with taste’

Cartegram - a game with a notebook, stickers, Instagram, and your legs.

03 7 / 2014

Love this!!! Fuffr is challenging the way people interact with handheld devices. Use any surface outside of the screen as a control pad for your device!

Check the technology and some nice features 

Say Hello to Fuffr



And finnaly! Check how Fuffr changes the game experience of Bird!

They are looking to hire people learm more here

01 5 / 2014

If like me you create online experiences for living and you love music, you should have a play with this.

When it comes to music, there are lots of services where you can search, browse and discover new sound. Curation is more than ever a key need for people and interaction enables a more personalised experience – just have a think of how you use features like: similar artists, latest music, music categories, discovery by mood…

Some online services have great user experience others less – some reframe experiences around key needs, others impress by designing for hidden, unveiled desires. But what I really enjoy is when things are done in a surprising, fresh and new way - that is clearly the case with Marmoset website.

Before I share some stuff I liked about it; let me give you a bit of context. Marmoset is a music agency – they curate and sell music for visual stories. In other words sound for movies.


My overall impression of the website is clearly positive: clean, easy and simple. But my goal here is not to share my general point-of-view of it; instead I am going to focus on a specific section of the site: the browsing section. For a company that aims to sell music for video it’s all about finding and matching the right sound with the right images and I really believe they nail it.

The website browsing experience and the way content is presented makes so simple to match a sound narrative to a visual narrative and I certainly helps users to imagine how sound and image can be combined into a unique and strong peace of art.

Some browsing features in focus:


Define your mood by making your story “mashup”. Just love the idea of serving music as a result form the connected elements of a story.


Browse music visually. This may be a bit geeky but I really enjoy the ability to filter results by arc of a story it offers a simple visualisation graph that enables users to quickly get a quick picture of a song. Every story has a beginning, middle and an end – and so does music.


Filter music by length; seems quite simple but not very common. Also very simple users have to drag a slider to the desired length of a track.


And finally beyond the usual filtering options we find on other music services: type, genres, years etc. Here we also have the option to filter by instrument type, vocals and energy type.

Have a try here. Play with it, add your filters and enjoy your discovery.

04 4 / 2014

Thank you for the randomness. Love it!

02 4 / 2014

Research in behavioural economics & consumer psychology down into easy-to-understand little brain gems for decision-makers to use and share.

27 3 / 2014

With all the focus today on design and innovation, 3M has identified the need for specialty Post-it Notes products. To educate the public about the utility of Post-it Notes for innovation and collaboration, 3M launched a Post-it Note Collaboration website

Check also the recent collaboration between 3M and Evernote. The ideas is to use use Evernote with Your Post-it notes - enabling people to marry Post-it Notes to electronic documents.

26 3 / 2014

Sleep Tracker - Netflix Hack Day - February 2014

26 3 / 2014

This might be synesthesia

Just like Kanye, be a beat maker and see Shapes/Colors In Music.

Patatap is a portable animation and sound kit. With the touch of a finger create melodies charged with moving shapes.

21 3 / 2014

MIT Designs Ring To Help Visually-Impaired People Read

19 3 / 2014

Say hello to Minuum // The little keyboard for big fingers