18 9 / 2014

The Idea

A platform on Wechat for users to donate their voices for the blind. A one-minute text message is pushed to the donor’s device by our system. Through the voice function, one-minute audio books can be created. The system performs an analysis to the voice messages received and put them into an order. The audio books will be available to every blind person over Wechat.

12 9 / 2014

This is a brilliant idea and a great project! I Love it.

Shake your power is a musical instrument that will transform lives. It enables people to generate electricity when played, so they can plug in a light or charge up a mobile phone simply through having a music jam.

22 8 / 2014

Created by the belgium studio Superbe

Geometric Music works like ultra-simple sample-production software, allowing you to create layered beats. Enjoy

21 8 / 2014

It’s interesting to see the increasing amount of autonomy, personalisation and control people are getting over their products.

This trend isn’t changing when it comes to clothes. People want their clothes to be unique and different from others and retail brands are exploring technology to create new models of production and new marketing opportunities relying on personalisation. 

This is not the ‘Maker’s Revolution’ yet but we’re heading on that direction; and this could be the first step for people to start making their own clothes from scratch. 

Personalisation is happening in different formats: from partnerships , to app that enhance brand personality… to artistic and experimental project… And I must say this one is my favourite.

Generative Scarves is a project by the London design studio Convivial. A range of scarves that feature intricate patterns randomly generated by algorithms. Each piece from the Generative Scarves range is unique.




To create a unique scarf - The Generative Scarves app. It features a set of modifiable parameters to customise colours and patterns and create a unique print for an individual scarf. 



21 8 / 2014

Penguin-Companhia has developed a way of turning social media’s habit of distracting us into a means of motivation to finish a book.

A smart bookmark that detects when a book has been left unfinished for too long and sends the reader a tweet from the author, reminding them that they still have some reading to do.

21 8 / 2014

Context enables you to visualise your design ideas in the real world without leaving Illustrator.

Invision enables you to visualise your design ideas for web and mobile.

21 8 / 2014

An interactive visualisation that shows Tweets about everyday moments in the UK over a typical week.

01 8 / 2014

FOLD is a new service created by Alexis Hope and Kevin Hu at the MIT Media Lab. As they describe it “is a context creation platform for journalists and storytellers, allowing them to structure and craft complex stories.” a service that “helps readers confidently engage with new material, providing curated tangents to capture interest and attention.”

16 7 / 2014

Mextures - make your own Instagram style filters.

Material Design - Principles of good design with the innovation, technology and science by Google.

Cardboard - a basic VR headset by google.

Retail in Real-Time - a glimpse of how and where the US spends its cash.

The Internet in real-time

Ikeahow the world wakes up.

Niice‘A search engine with taste’

Cartegram - a game with a notebook, stickers, Instagram, and your legs.

03 7 / 2014

Love this!!! Fuffr is challenging the way people interact with handheld devices. Use any surface outside of the screen as a control pad for your device!

Check the technology and some nice features 

Say Hello to Fuffr



And finnaly! Check how Fuffr changes the game experience of Bird!

They are looking to hire people learm more here